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The Root of All Evil

I’m not talking about that root of all evil. Or that one. That one, either.

I’m talking about money.

Always the necessary evil–survival wouldn’t be the same without it–it compounds as you “succeed” in life. For instance, I just closed on a condo, to, finally, be unfettered by the shackles of a monthly rent payment. However, this newfound freedom(?) almost triples my previous monthly liability and, paradoxically, seen as a step in the right direction, by the majority of society. Do I really need it?

The justification of the purchase is deceptively easy since the condo existed prior to my purchase which follows my belief in leaving behind a small footprint on the earth when I die (the less environmental impact, the better.) Is this just the start of exceedingly easier and easier justifications? Will I be able to stop when I before I completely exceed my needs? Have I already?

I’m not looking for answers, I’m just talking to myself . . . online . . . in public.

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